Sep 2005    Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd  established

May 2006   Passed UL audit,Obtained UL certification

June 2006   Obtained the TUV Rheinland GS certification

Sep 2006    Obtained the PSE certification

Apr 2007    State Taxation Bureau approval, Identify Fuyuan as value-added tax general taxpayer

Sep 2007    Passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification

Dec 2007   Successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of the lithium battery charger

Jan 2008    Obtained the EK, KC certifications. Fuyuan products enter to the South Korean electronics giant enterprises

Feb 2009   Enter to LED power industry and Challenges in emerging markets

May 2009  Obtained Australian qualification

Jun 2010    As business development, production space to expand to 2800 square meters

Feb 2011   Set up the domestic elite team, Tendency of domestic

End 2011   The annual output value breakthrough 85 million RMB

Mar 2012   Self-built Fuyuan business hotel start operation.

May 2012  Joined Chinese brand manufacturers alliance GMC

Feb 2013  New chinese company name 东莞市福洋电子有限公司officially registered.


 2005  Start from here,Factory 500sqm        2010 Factory 2800sqm           2014 Factory 6800sqm,Self-bult Factory


Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd in the course of  Ten years of development, by a team of several people in the early days of the development into six departments, with independent import and export rights, international trade department, employees 260 people, set design, production, sales, service as one entity enterprise

Since its inception, the annual sales was 30% -40% of the speed increase every year, with annual sales of 100 million yuan, Become a household star of the Pearl River Delta in the production of high-power power supply enterprises.