Trusted by Bosch, Stanley, Pentair, CDVI and more

Fuyuan Electronic Co. Ltd is specialized in switching power supplies, power adapter, battery charger, LED power supply and other related items. With 20 years' engineering experience and as a leading company offering 60W to 250W high-power products, “Fuyuang” is registered worldwide.
Our main customers are Bosch, Stanley, Pentair, CDVI, YikeBike, iROBOT, Hitachi and TC Electronic.
Strong R&D Development Ability
Attaching importance to technology innovation, our R&D team which is lead by Boss HuangShaoCheng with 20 years of experience in power supplies, has strong ability to develop two to four new products per month.
Having a Wide Range of Products
Our products range from 100 to 240V AC input, DC output power from 0.9 to 500W (3 to 58V output voltage, 300 to 15000mA output current), 900 series models.
Capable to Make 12,000 Pieces Daily
Due to full cooperation with suppliers, especially that the core material "transformer" are produced by ourselves, we are able to start mass production within five days after the receipt of orders. With eight production lines, our daily production capacity reaches 12,000 pieces.
Besides, we have a 2,000sqm warehouse which offers you support in on-time purchase and shipment in bulk. 100-piece smaller orders are acceptable as trial order to test the coordination and compatibility with your equipment.
Offering High-quality and Reliable Products
We are following the international standards of the ISO 9001 quality control system. QC department applies MIL-STD-105E II AQL: CRI 0; MAJ 0.25; MIN 2.5 to produce and control. Product's reliability is under control at the design stage and sourcing components to ensure reliable product performance. All above enhance our confidence to offer products with a two-year warranty.
Furthermore, all our products are compliant with the RoHS Directive and REACH, and carry UL, cUL, FCC, GS, CE, SAA, RCM,C-TICK, PSE, KC CB, CCC and EMC approvals. Besides, we have a very good working relationship with the lab to help customers benefit from the lowest cost and the fastest delivery time.

Owning a Self-Build Factory
We own a 6,800sqm garden style self-built factory plant and comfortable apartment. Salary and welfare benefits are 20% higher than others. These measures further strengthen the loyalty of employees and reduce staff lost, thus ensuring product quality and reliability.
Providing Customer-oriented Services
We are available in 24 hours to provide professional services. Whenever you send an email or make a phone call, we will respond as soon as possible.

OEM and ODM services are provided. Contact us now.
We hereby certify that Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd have not any sub company or  branch and distributor in worldwide. The company name and address registered on certificates and bank account exactly accord with the information on Business certificate.Here is it"Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd . XieWu Village, HengShan ShiPai Town DongGuan,GuangDong 523335 P.R.China."
Any action to issue and use our certificate of letter without permission is regarded as a harm to our company reputation (it happens in shenzhen city mostly), please verify and carefully distinguish the authenticity. 
How to verify Fuyuang products:  
1.To compare the company name and address on the certifciate with the company info and bank account.
2. All model NO from Fuyuan begin with "FY", for example: FY1205000.
3.After disassembled the housing, you will find "Fuyuang"label on inner back of housing of real Fuyuan product. 
All certificates listed on our, you can find it in "Certifications" column.
Certifications File No:
  1. UL file No.:Power Supply: E304160 ; Waterproof LED driver -E343215  Check
  2. TUV/GS file No.:S1 50224721& S150205925 & S150203696 & S1 50272098& S1 50278124& S1 50270517 Check
  3. SAA file No.:ESO110651(replace of Q061232)& SAA131909EA & SAA130561 & EAE1308371 Check here
  4. C-tick file No.:N17653 & N136,  Check here:   +61 3 51765595    Email: 
  5. PSE file No.:JD50195547 & JD50248227   &  JD 50287481 Check or   
  6. EK file No.:HU10419-7001A  Check here:,  
  7. KC file No.:HU10419-9002A  Check here:
  8. CE file No.:E0604412-01&S1403017 Check
  9. RoHS file No.:CANEC1313005401 Check here:
  10. CCC file No.:2014010907681379 Check here:
  11. CB Certification No.:JPTUV-042130&JPTUV-037849&DE 2-014922&DE 2-017489 Check