Production Profile

项目                ITEM          名称                                    DESCRIPTION   产地               Place of Origin 数量                    Q’TY set)      
生产及检测设备列表Production and Testing Equipment List 波峰焊                                   Wave soldering China 2
超声波                                         Ultrasonic Wave China 7
示波器                                         Oscilloscope Taiwan 9
负载仪                                  Load Test Instrument        Taiwan 8
绕线机                                      Cord Winding Machine China 24
流水位                                  Running water line China 5
数显万用表                          Digital Miltimeter Japan 3
多点温控测试机                             Multi-Point Temperature Control Test Machine Taiwan 3
耐压测试机                                   Pressure Testing Machine Taiwan 4
电感表                                         Secohmmeter Taiwan 3
功率表                                 Power Meter China 3
MST贴片机                              MST Mounter China 2
高低温测试箱                              High and Low Temperature Test Chamber China 1
老化测试组                          Aging Test Equipment China 5
跌落测试机                             Drop test Machine China 1
 项目      ITEM 部门                                         Division 人员数量Employee No. Day Work Hours /Month Work Days Average Daily Production Capacity/ Sets  Average Monthly Production Capacity/ Sets
人员状况 Staff 采购部                            Purchasing 3 8H/26Day N/A N/A
管理部                         Management 4 8H/26Day N/A  N/A 
工程部                                   R&D 7 8H/26Day N/A  N/A 
销售部                                   Sales 5 8H/26Day N/A N/A
品质部                                      QC 9 8H/26Day N/A  N/A 
生产部(插件组)    Production Dept/DIP 135 8H/26Day 25000 625000
生产部(组装组)    Production Dept/Assembling 53 8H/26Day 13780 358280
生产部(变压器)    Production Dept/Transformer 40 8H/26Day 32000 832000
生产部(包装组)      Production Dept/Packing 18 8H/26Day 25000 625000

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